Progressive Videogame Music

Booskaboo is a band based in Gefle, Sweden and were formed in December 2008.
Adam and Mattias had thoughts of starting a band playing music from classic videogames, so when they met their old friend Nakadai from the kung fu they were practicing years earlier, they decided to make it real.

Both Adam and Mattias had been playing their respective instrument for some time, so Nakadai decided to play the drums. All that was missing now was the fourth member, whose role would be essential, since most NES games used four channels for the music.
Six months later, they met David through a friend. It turned out that David was just as much a videogame nerd as  the others and since he played the keyboard, the band could be complete.

They’ve still only done a few gigs in their home town, but to great joy and their repertoire is expanding, with music from platforms such as Playstation, Sega and Amiga.

They have channels on both youtube and myspace. So far, there is only live footage available, but new material are bound to show up pretty soon. Anyways, check it out!


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